BBC shows, including Doctor Who, now available on Hulu Plus

BBC shows, including Doctor Who, now available on Hulu Plus

The BBC teams up with Hulu Plus to bring Doctor Who and more to the masses.

Just when I was questioning the worth of my Hulu Plus subscription, the service goes and does something completely awesome: it partners with the BBC to bring more programming that I actually want to watch to its player. This new programming, which includes Doctor Who, Torchwood, Life On Mars, Sherlock and much, much more, is available via Hulu Plus, as of today.

Even better? The Sarah Jane Adventures is available to stream from the site. This is major news because it was only previously available via Amazon Prime, but was yanked from the site earlier this year. I can finally finish that series. The series has never been available on Netflix (like many that are now just coming to Hulu Plus). But that’s not all, US fans itching to get a peek at new Doctor Peter Capaldi can now watch his series, The Thick Of It, exclusively on Hulu.

My only question now, though, is: does this include new episodes of Doctor Who? For example, will November’s 50th Anniversary special be available on Hulu Plus the day after it airs? Inquiring minds want to know.

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