KickStarter This: Men Vs. Cosplay 2014 Calendar

Kickstarter: Men Vs. Cosplay 2014 Calendar
Photo © Matt Seemann of BetwixtPhotos

Kickstarter project showcases the men of cosplay.

Let’s face it. Guy cosplayers don’t get a lot of respect. Even Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay only features one guy, and it almost seems like he’s just there as a token. Fortunately, someone has decided to create a project on Kickstarter for a 2014 calendar that focuses on nothing but men in costume. And with 28 days to go, it’s already over 60% funded.

The calendar features some absolutely gorgeous photography and some of the best cosplayers on the planet. I actually did a piece on the now-defunct Rant Gaming website that featured one of them: Kevin Bley – who does an amazing Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins (that’s him in the above photo). The rest of these guys are equally as good.

So what can you do? Show your support. At just $15, you can get a copy of the calendar to hang on your office or bedroom wall. See how easy that is? Visit the calendar’s Kickstarter page here.

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