Continuum Sneak Peek: Can Kiera Stop Julian’s Rise To Power?

Continuum Sneak Peek: Can Kiera Stop Julien's Rise To Power?

This week on an all-new Continuum, on “Seconds,” Julian is released from jail. Who else was surprised that he was found not guilty? I suppose he sort of had to be, in order to make it to the future that Kiera is from, but still! I’m also still irked at Julian and Alec’s Mom for lying about the whole thing.

But before I go into a long rant, how about a peek at this week’s episode instead? This week, Julian goes free and Kiera has to decide if she will try to stop Julian’s rise to power within the ranks of Liber8. It seems the only way that can happen is with Julian’s death. This sneak peek shows us a future that seems pretty bleak, regardless.

Don’t miss Continuum on Syfy on Friday at 10/9c. Also, let’s celebrate the fact that season 3 will be coming to Syfy next year.

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