Continuum Sneak Peek: Kiera Goes Into Hiding

New Continuum: Kiera Goes Into Hiding

Kiera is forced into hiding on an all-new Continuum.

Continuum is just one of those shows that gets better with each passing week. And now things are really starting to come to a head. Julian is free and, possibly thanks to Kiera, is starting to live up to the legacy of who he will become in the future. Liber8 is on the warpath. And Kiera begins to question everything that she’s doing.

In this week’s episode, “Second Wave,” things are heating up even more. Someone is after Kiera (as evidenced in the clip below) and she is forced to go into hiding with Julian’s followers. Don’t miss this week’s episode of Continuum Friday on Syfy at 10/9c.

Continuum on Syfy

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