Lucas sees Kagami in new Continuum Sneak Peek

Lucas sees Kagami in new Continuum Sneak Peek

Continuum Sneak Peek: Lucas sees the dead Kagami.

Continuum has by far been my favorite show this summer. Season two has been a whirlwind of action and adventure, along with a lot of serious moral questions that need to be answered. On this week’s episode, “Second Guesses,”┬áKiera and Carlos race to stop a bunch of crippling cyber attacks on the city that they believe are being caused by Liber8.

Meanwhile, Liber8’s Lucas seems to be having some kind of meltdown. He’s obviously been seeing figures that should be impossible to see, and according to this sneak peek clip, he’ll be having an imaginary conversation with Kagami in this new episode. What’s going on with Lucas? Has he lost it? Or is there a more scientific explanation for these visions of his?

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