Comic Con 2013 Wrap Up: Haven

Highlights of the Haven Panel at Comic Con 2013

Comic Con 2013 coverage and wrap-ups continue today, this time with Haven. I’m honestly  not sure how that last season can be topped or even continued, what with Audrey going and disappearing in the barn. How crazy was that? Audrey apparently is returning next season, but she’s not actually Audrey anymore.

Eric Balfour, Lucas Bryant, Adam Copeland and Emily Rose joined Syfy at a Comic-Con panel, moderated by Eureka’s Colin Ferguson (who will also be part of the cast next season), and a press room to discuss the intense season three finale and what’s to come. Check out video here with highlights from that panel, where Balfour gave out free hugs, and enjoy the images from that and the Comic Con press room below.

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