New Sandman Comic’s Art and Details Emerge

Yes, Neil Gaiman is doing a new Sandman comic mini-series.

Neil Gaiman fans rejoiced last year when it was rumored (and then announced) that Neil Gaiman would be returning to the world of Sandman and giving us a brand new story in the form of a mini-series. Well, guess what? There is now new artwork to prove that this dream project is actually happening!

The new six-issue series will be called The Sandman: Overture and will be available from Vertigo Comics on October 30th. I know what you’re thinking – just in time for Robin’s birthday on the 31st (you were thinking that, right?).

Of all of the comic books, Sandman is one of those pinnacle ones that took comic books in a completely new direction. It’s also what put Neil Gaiman in the spotlight. For the six-issue series, Gaiman will work with J.H. Williams III, who will be illustrationg the books. You can check out some of the recently released artwork below. It’s not Dave McKean, but it still looks nice, doesn’t it?

The new Sandman series will be published every other month and will alternate with a special edition of each issue. Comic fans – this is a MUST buy.

Source: Newsarama

New Sandman Comic's Art and Details Emerge Sandman-Overture-Promo

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