Neil Gaiman Enters Video Gaming Market with Wayward Manor

Neil Gaiman Enters Gaming Market with Wayward Manor

Neil Gaiman introduces new video game crowdfunding request with Wayward Manor.

This morning, my absolute favorite author ever announced that he was releasing a video game. That’s really all I need to know, so I signed up. However, now that I have more information about the project, titled Wayward Manor, I could not possible be more excited.

In Wayward Manor, you take on a ghost and it is your job to scare off folks from the manor. It’s like 7th Guest meets Beetlejuice. So go fund it now.

Now I just need to find someone to give me $10,000 so I can get the grand perk of having dinner with Neil. Oh, the things we could talk about…. While I’m off daydreaming about the impossible, check out the video Gaiman released for the game below, which will be released to PC and later to tablets at some point in time.

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