Eric Balfour Loses His Mind in Haven Comic Con Announcement

Haven cast announces panel at Comic Con.

Haven cast announces panel at Comic Con.

One of my favorite series – Haven – is coming to Comic Con.¬†Oh, San Diego Comic Con, someday I shall attend you. It probably won’t be until I can start growing money on the bushes in my front yard (seriously, I am working on that), or until someone just says “Shut up, already, here’s some money, GO TO COMIC CON! But yes, someday, I shall get to attend all the wonderful panels and press rooms I get invites for this time of year.

Watch the announcement clip from the cast of Haven, including Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour, Adam Copeland and Colin Ferguson. Enjoy the silly and watch through to the end for a special treat from Eric Balfour.

Official Haven Website

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