Flash Gordon: The Fall of Ming Review

Flash Gordon: The Fall of Ming ReviewFlash Gordon: The Fall of Ming is a beautifully packaged and illustrated work.

When Titan Books contacted me and asked me if I wanted a review copy of Flash Gordon: The Fall of Ming, I said why not? Although my experience with the story of Flash Gordon is limited to the 1980 film, how could I resist a nice hardback book that featured the infamous Sunday paper comic strip.

Needless to say, when I opened that box, I was not disappointed. This book is one of the most beautifully done and illustrated volumes that I have seen. Front and center is the fantastic illustration work of Alex Raymond, the man who was responsible for bringing Flash Gordon to the world. The cover alone is enough to make this a keeper.

The inside, too, though is equally as extraordinary. There is an introduction by Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) that is featured alongside some of Raymond’s beautiful artwork. Plenty of background information is also given about the series, including a good summary of the events that lead to the strips featured in Flash Gordon: The Fall of Ming. The strips themselves are also wonderful and were lovingly restored by Peter Maresca. The paper used in the book makes the color on the comic strips pop, so flipping through the pages has a feeling of classic and new, all at the same time.

If you happen to like collecting anthologies like this, I would highly recommend it. Flash Gordon: The Fall of Ming serves as a great coffee table book, too. You can get a copy of your own for Amazon. Trust me, it’s well worth the price.

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