The Fight for Oz Begins: OZombie Kickstarter is Now Live

The Fight for Oz Begins as the OZombie Kickstarter is Live

American McGee’s Spicy Horse Studio makes OZombie Kickstarter go live.

Remember that OZombie story I wrote a few weeks ago? Well, it’s now officially live on Kickstarter. I know a lot of Alice fans were hoping to see a sequel, but OZombie is what we ended up with and who doesn’t like a new and original game based on the Wizard of Oz and zombies? I’m certainly not complaining!

OZombie is a narrative-driven action-adventure game in an alternate version of L. Frank Baum’s famous Oz universe. Not only will you see themes and characters from all 14 of the Oz books, but the new game is also getting stylistic and artistic touches that made titles like Alice: Madness Returns and Akaneiro so popular.

Other game features include:

  • A variety of perspectives and game modes with a focus on roleplaying, tactical combat, exploration, and storytelling
  • Powered by Unity3D technology with an initial launch on Linux, Mac, PC, and latest-generation tablets
  • Localized for play worldwide
  • Offline single-player mode supported after a one-time online registration
  • No form of DRM

For more information on OZombie, visit the Kickstarter page. And be sure to donate.


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