New Teaser Trailer Released for Memoria

New Teaser Trailer Released for Memoria

Daedalic releases first teaser trailer for upcoming video game Memoria.

Welcome to Memoria. History is full of heroes whose names will never be known. Adventurers and explorers and soldiers and saints cut down before anyone could record their names or their actions. But what if you had a chance to see how lost stories or half-remembered legends had transformed your world? A chance to relive someone else’s life?

Memoria is the new adventure from Daedalic and today, a new teaser trailer has been released. The video features the spirited princess Sadja, a great warrior seeking great renown, and whose enigmatic fate is lost to the ages. A new adventurer will come to retell her epic story as he spins one of his own.

Looks pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

Memoria is scheduled to be available for PC and Mac by the end of August 2013 via Steam and GOG.

Learn more about Memoria on the game’s official website.

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