E3 Round-Up: What’s Going On So Far

E3 Round-Up: What's Going On So Far

I usually cover all things E3 on this site, but now that I’m writing for Rebel Gaming, I’ve been posting some things over there, too. So for you all to make sense of everything, I’ll post links for each days’ events here. Some of these things I’ve written, some are written by my fellow Rebel Gamers. So let’s get started.

My E3 Picks

Before E3, I wrote up a list of things I wanted to see. E3 WishList: Robin’s Picks. Every single one of my items were ticked off on Day One. How’s that for one of my favorite E3 events ever? ┬áNeedless to say, I was most excited about the release of the first Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer. My fangirl head exploded when I heard Claudia Black’s distinctive voice.

Microsoft vs. Sony

Day One of E3 also brings the press conferences. The two biggies are Microsoft and Sony. I will admit that I hoped Microsoft would prove all the recent bad press wrong about the Xbox One, but they didn’t. And even worse, the games line-up is depressingly boring, with a lot more of the same (do we really need another Halo title?). Fellow Rebel Gamer Chris covered the highlights here: E3: Microsoft’s Conference: All The Important Stuff.

I got to cover the Sony press conference, which I am happy to report was a lot more exciting. Not only did we find out that Sony decided to listen to gamers and not restrict used games and require online connections, but we also got to see some amazing titles from diverse genres. This is where Sony always wins – with the games. Sony also delivered a much better price point than Microsoft and are now probably off celebrating their E3 major win in the bar for the rest of the week. You can read my full wrap-up of that conference here: E3: Sony Brings Down The House with the PlayStation 4.

So all in all, if I don’t see any more out of E3, I’m a happy camper. There’s a PlayStation 4 sitting in my Amazon Wishlist (I’m going to ask my Mom if she will go in on half of the price for me as a Christmas present) and I’m finally excited about the next-gen console race, even if Microsoft has already lost it.

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