Doctor Who: IDW Reunites The 8th Doctor and Grace

Doctor Who: The 8th Doctor and Grace Holloway are reunited for IDW's Prisoners of Time #8 Comic.

Thanks to some licensing nonsense, the cast of the Doctor Who movie have not been able to record any Big Finish audio dramas to bring back the character of Grace Holloway (Daphne Ashbrook). This is kind of sad (and very silly, to say the least), especially when you consider that the movie bridges the gap between the classic series of Doctor Who and the new series.

Regardless, though, there is some good news. The 8th Doctor will be reunited with Grace in the 8th issue of IDW Comics’ Prisoners of Time series:

Our yearlong celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary continues! The Eighth Doctor takes the spotlight in this issue of a 12-part epic adventure featuring all 11 incarnations of the Doctor! After helping him defeat the Master, the Doctor attempts to convince Grace Holloway to join him on his travels, in this untold tale!

This new comic will be a great introduction to fans of the new series who may not be familiar with the cast from the film, as well. Prisoners of Time #8 will be available from IDW’s website in late August.

Source: ComBom

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