Defiance: Jaime Murray Talks About The Wedding

Defiance: Jaime Murray Talks About The Wedding

Jaime Murray opens up about some of the scenes from the Defiance episode “The Bride Wore Black.”

Well, it’s official on Defiance: Christy and Alak finally got hitched, but there was a lot of drama leading up to it. One has to wonder what Datak is going to do now that Rafe has officially taken the mines off of the table. I’m sure there will be a lot of conniving and scheming and plots hatched within the Tarr family, thanks to Stahma’s Lady Macbeth nature.

So what did the actress who portrays Stahma have to say about last week’s episode? Watch this interview with Stahma herself, Jaime Murray, to find out.

But wait! There’s more! Here are the first four minutes of this week’s upcoming episode, too. It’s Amanda vs. Datak in “Past Is Prologue.”

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