Warehouse 13 to Get Final Short Season Before Cancellation

Warehouse 13 to Get Final Short Season Before Cancellation

Syfy renews Warehouse 13 for one more short season

Well, I can’t say I didn’t see this coming as everyone involved with the show were promoting the Renew Warehouse 13 website. Apparently, Syfy sort of listened. The series will get a final season, but it will only be for six episodes.

Warehouse 13 has been a breakaway hit for Syfy and managed to last for five seasons – that makes it a bonafide success on a network that yanks series as often as its CEO changes underwear. Unfortunately, its cancellation is part of a broader problem – the networks and ratings system is still outdated. Sure, Nielsen finally embraced sort of looking at online viewing patterns, but when it comes to keeping a show on the air – live is still all that really matters. And in a world with a bad economy where some people work nights or have families to tend to, the reality is that WE CANNOT OFTEN WATCH LIVE TV. This is particularly true for technologically-minded science fiction viewers who prefer to have control over when and where they watch TV.

In fact, the statistics from online voting conducted by the Renew Warehouse 13 website actually showed that the most common way that US fans of the show watched was online and not live. Hey stupid TV execs, are you paying attention? You should be! In the meantime, another great show bites the dust that probably has a lot more viewers than are being accounted for.

The fourth season of Warehouse 13 ends next month. Season five will begin shooting this summer. I am curious as to how everything will be wrapped up, and I am grateful that we will, at least, get some closure.

Source: TV Line

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