American McGee’s Spicy Horse Games Introduces OZombie

American McGee’s Spicy Horse Games Introduces OZombie

American McGee's Spicy Horse Games Introduces OZombie

OZombie is announced as newest Spicy Horse title

It’s official – American McGee’s Spicy Horse Games has announced their next title: OZombie. If you haven’t figured it out, it’s basically The Wizard of Oz meets The Walking Dead meets Steampunk.

Here’s the game’s summary:┬áDorothy, Toto, The Lion and the Tin Woodsman have found themselves in an Oz not of our remembering. And what of the Scarecrow? What of his search for brains?


Spicy Horse is currently working on putting up a Kickstarter for OZombie. There are plenty of details on the official game Facebook page, as well as some photos that the team are kicking around, along with story ideas.

  1. Luis Solia SerLuis Solia Ser05-17-2013

    Hmmmm, note: They are discussing with EA for the rights to make another Alice, if they get the licence, they’ll make a kickstart for Alice: Otherland. But if EA’s not throwing away the licence they’ll make an Ozombie kickstar…

    They are going to make a game, they just don’t know what game is going to be yet.

    • Robin BurksRobin Burks05-18-2013

      I received an email from Spicy Horse Games yesterday stating that this would be the new title.

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