Exclusive Interview with Continuum Star Victor Webster

Exclusive Interview with Continuum Star Victor Webster

Victor Webster talks about his background, acting and season two of Continuum in this exclusive interview

You may know Victor Webster if you’ve ever watched an episode of  CharmedCastleMelrose Place or Mutant X. Webster is currently portraying police officer Carlos Fonnegra on the hit science fiction series Continuum, which airs here in the U.S. on the Syfy network. With a second season getting ready to air here in the states, Webster talked to me about what drew him to acting, how he became Carlos and what we can expect in season two of Continuum.

Webster has an extremely diverse background. He has competed professionally in martial arts, but became a stockbroker in order to be able to better provide for his family. However, Webster commented that he had an ethical problem with that position. He said, “I was able to talk people into giving me their money for their kids’ college education and not knowing what was going to happen with the stocks, I felt guilty when the stock went down. So I hated doing that.” He then turned to another form of business as the owner of an import/export company, but also wasn’t excited about that, stating that doing the same thing every day just wasn’t making him happy.

So how did Webster become an actor? “I used to do some modeling, so at that point, I thought I am going to try and do some commercials,” Webster said. Which is exactly what he did. Eventually, his agent booked him on a small role on the soap opera Days of Our Lives in 1999. Webster’s career as an actor was born. But just because he’s been acting for some time now does not mean he allows himself to rest on his laurels. “I take it very very seriously,” Webster said. “Much like a professional athlete, I am always working on it.”

How did Webster land the role of Carlos on Continuum? “I got a call on a Wednesday afternoon from my agent who told me that they wanted to do a chemistry test between me and Rachel Nichols on Friday,” Webster said. By the following Monday, Webster was on set shooting his first scenes for the series.

Webster was drawn to play Carlos, a Vancouver police officer, for a variety of reasons. “He has a strong moral compass,” Webster said. “He believes in the black and white version of the law.” Webster’s own father was also a cop and sort of affected the character that Carlos has become on the series. “Growing up with my dad and just seeing how he was – a very strong, stoic guy – he didn’t show a lot of emotion,” Webster said. “Carlos has some of that in him.”

In season two of Continuum, we will get the opportunity to learn more about Carlos, whose father was murdered when he was younger. “I don’t personally want to know what’s coming up until I read the script,” Webster explained. “I don’t want to play anything before I’m supposed to, but what we’re shooting now, we really get more into Carlos’ past.”

So what can Continuum fans expect in the new episodes? According to Webster, only a short span of time will have passed between the end of season one and the beginning of season two. “I think it’s something like 10 days or 2 to 3 weeks,” he said. “So we’re definitely dealing with the aftermath of everything that went on [in the season 1 finale].”

Being an action-oriented actor, Webster is excited about the level of action that season two of the series is bringing. “We get into a lot more action – and crazy amounts of it,” he teased. “It’s like feature film action. It’s incredible.”

But there’s more. “We also get more deeper into the characters,” Webster said. “We develop all of the characters – everyone in Liber8, myself, Kiera, Alec – we find out more and more about all of the characters on the show. For example, we actually show why Liber8 does what they do and we get a real deep understanding for their struggle. They’re not just terrorists. They want to change the world and make it a better place.”

Season Two of Continuum premieres on Syfy on Friday, June 7, at 10/9c.

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