Defiance Sneak Peek: Irisa Sees All

Defiance Sneak Peek: Irisa Sees All

Defiance: Irisa sees all and a prison transport

Irisa is easily my favorite character on Defiance. Stephanie Leonidas plays her with such conviction that it’s hard not to like the rough-around-the-edges character with a sensitive heart. We didn’t really see much of her in the last episode, but it seems we’ll get to learn more about her this time around.

As we have learned, Irisa has the special gift of sight. And judging from this sneak peek, it could be starting to come in handy as a deputy. But what is this particular scene about? I suppose we’ll have to tune into Defiance to find out. Also, in this episode¬†Amanda and Nolan take a transport across the badlands to transport a prisoner.

Don’t miss “The Serpent’s Egg” episode of Defiance on Syfy, Monday at 9/8c.

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