Learn How To Make Your Own TARDIS

DadCanDo shows off how easy it is to create your own TARDIS

Let’s face it – who doesn’t want their own TARDIS? Just think how awesome this thing would look sitting on your desk or hung from your ceiling, floating up there as if it were traveling through the time-space continuum. This TARDIS could also make a very cute cosplay prop.

Fortunately, the folks behind DadCanDo have put together a how-to guide that makes building a TARDIS seem pretty easy. I think maybe even I can do this! All you need is foamboard and a flashing LED. No, really, that’s it! Just use the blueprints provided and you, too, can pretend to travel through space and time just like The Doctor (well, he’s not pretending, is he?).

Source: DadCanDo

Learn How To Make Your Own TARDIS

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