Cosplay Spotlight: Inspector Spacetime Goes Femme

Cosplay Spotlight: (Not) Inspector Spacetime Goes Femme
Photo by Rhinestone Eye

This Femme Inspector Spacetime cosplay is cute and unique

Inspector Spacetime might be a web series spun off from a TV show, but he’s starting to get the attention of cosplayers, including this one, who totally femme’d out the Inspector’s costume and made it her own. This lovely creation belongs to Elyse who sported the costume at this year’s Gallifrey One convention.

I asked Elyse a few questions about the costume and how Inspector Spacetime himself, Travis Richey, reacted to it.

FGC: Why Inspector Spacetime?

ELYSE: I’m a BIG Community fan. I’m one of those people who grew up on TV. I was never into music, and I never knew who was in or what was popular, but I did know about what was going on with my favorite TV shows. But all those TV shows, none of them really got to me. Yes, I loved many of them, but it wasn’t until Community did one just click. And therefore, anything Community did was perfection.

When Inspector Spacetime came on, I freaked. Though I haven’t seen much of Doctor Who, I’ve seen enough and been to Gally already, so I was excited. It only took those 3 seconds of screen time for me to be hooked. I thought it was the funniest thing ever. No plans to cosplay it, but just sit there and love the parody. I went online and I read everything the fans were creating about this pretend series.

Then came my 2nd Gally, where I met Travis. He put up with my silly fangirling, and I was fangirling! I was standing across the hall for a good 20 minutes just staring at him and freaking out to my friends. Two of my friends, Dawn and Scott, were sadly the two that had to put up with it the most. I was freaking out and they were just laughing about it. I don’t blame them, I’m pretty ridiculous. It was them that got me me to go over and buy a picture and ask for an autograph. I was so spazzy that I completely forgot to ask for a picture, so I spent another 10 minutes in the same spot as before spazzing about a picture, which my friends pushed me to go do.

The idea to cosplay a Femme Inspector came through my second conversation with Travis. We were taking derpy pictures and he mentioned that he liked my Femme 5 cosplay. It was something that I just threw together, but he liked it. The idea to cosplay a Femme Inspector came from that. If he enjoyed my Femme 5, maybe he’d enjoy a Femme Inspector. I was actually going to make the Community version, but then the web series came out, and I knew I had to make that.

Travis is just amazing. He is so funny. He is so nice. And he just brightened my day. Not to mention he called me adorable on his facebook page. I wanted to do something for him, and seeing how sewing is my only real skill, I went with cosplay, hoping that my silly hobby would be able to impress him and make his day, just like he did mine.

Cosplay Spotlight: (Not) Inspector Spacetime Goes Femme
Photo by Alex Halcyon

FGC: How long did it take to create the costume?

Elyse: I actually designed the costume about a month after Gally 2012, when I saw Travis. I was in class, doodling while the rest of the class finished a quiz. I had everything planned out and knew exactly what I wanted to do. I even went to the Fashion District to find the things I need.

Then… the web series came out, and I had to change the jacket. When I finally had the free time to make the costume, it was only a week before Gally. Really, anyone who knows me knows that the costume was not my best work, and if you talked to me while I was making it, I would’ve told you just that. Everything was messy and rushed because of laziness. Frankly, I’m a bit disappointed in myself for throwing it together like I did. But it basically took me about 15 minutes to come up with the idea and 3 days to make it. But I do want to repeat that it is not my best work, and I do plan on going back and fixing it and making it better. So it’ll probably take a week to make well. And now that I know what I’m doing and have a better grasp on my plans and vision, it’ll be easier to make.

FGC: What was your process in creating the costume?

Elyse: Like I mentioned, creating a femme version came first. I went off my friend’s Femme Doctor cosplays. I wanted something loli and fun looking. I don’t have a poofy skirt cosplay, so I thought that this would be my chance. Plus his coat would really work well with a poofy skirt. Then when his outfit changed for the web series, it looked even better. That jacket just BEGS for a loli-skirt under it.

After I figured out the design, I set out for patterns. My personal style of cosplaying is finding a pre-made pattern and altering it to be what I need. The skirt is just a circle skirt, so it’s made with my measurements. The shirt is this pattern I use for almost every button down shirt I make. It has served me well for all these years, seeing how I’ve been using it for 3 years now. The only thing I had issue with was the jacket. I found something that I thought would work, but in the end it didn’t. But basically all I did was take that pattern and combined it with my circle skirt pattern. Though the idea is perfect, the execution was not. The jacket is what I need to work on and fix, but it was the thing I made day of.

Then comes finding the fabric because then I’ll know how much I’ll need. That wasn’t too difficult, and I found it quickly during a trip to the fashion district. The fabric isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty spot on. I would’ve liked a thicker fabric for the jacket, but I still think it works. Once I had all that, putting everything together was easy. It could be better, but it worked for the con.

FGC: What was Travis’ reaction when he saw it?

Elyse: Well, like so many people saw, he loved it. I was actually surprised he liked it so much. Somehow I knew he would enjoy it because who wouldn’t like having someone cosplay them? But I was so annoyed when making my costume because everything that could go wrong went wrong with it that I just told myself that no one would like it. I was happily wrong.

It turned out he loved it. I was told he was even telling others about it. And! I even had the wonderful chance to contact him because he liked it so much.

I was in tears because of how many people liked my costume. And even more tears came when I found out how much Travis liked my costume. It isn’t even complete yet, and he liked it. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you are so annoyed at something to discover that everyone loves it. I was so determined that people would hate it, but it wasn’t the case at all. Even now, the thought that Travis liked my costume sends me into a fangirl spazz.

So yes! He liked it. I was just surprised by how much.

Cosplay Spotlight: (Not) Inspector Spacetime Goes Femme
Inspector Spacetime sees double. Photo by Alex Halcyon
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