Read This Lovely Story About Fans Meeting Benedict Cumberbatch

Read This Lovely Story About A Fan Meeting With Benedict Cumberbatch

Good manners paid off for this Benedict Cumberbatch fan.

What’s something that always pays off? Well in the case of these Benedict Cumberbatch fans, perseverance and good manners. Recently, on the set of Sherlock, while nearly everyone was doing the crazy fanatical shoving and pushing and generally being rude, these two young women waited out the insanity and finally got to meet the man of their dreams – none other than Sherlock Holmes himself – Benedict Cumberbatch. You can read their full story here.

I only wished my David Tennant experience had been as lovely. Unfortunately, in that case, the folks who were shoving and pushing and making me cry (no, really), ended up with the autographs. But this story still reminds me of why I wasn’t one of those people and that perhaps someday, I will prevail.

I want to thank Fallyn Angel for posting this on Twitter yesterday and bringing it to my attention.

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