Mars War Logs Releases New Screenshots

Main character Roy gets hunted down in new Mars War Logs screenshots

I’ve previously posted about the upcoming indie title Mars War Logs. The more I see of this game, the more excited I am about it. New screenshots have been released that tell a little bit more about the story.

In these new screenshots, Roy, the hero of the sci-fi RPG, is in another tricky situation. He is being hunted by Aurora’s army and their fanatic Technomants. Meanwhile, the Resistance is wary of him, because of his origins. Roy finds himself in the middle of a civil war, which will force him to pick a side, sooner or later.

These new Mars War Logs screenshots also introduce a new character: Devotion Chase. This dangerous beauty is the right-hand of a general in Aurora’s army. She’s on the hunt for Roy in the working class area of Shadowlair. Her personal intentions, however, are mysterious – what will she do with Roy once she finds him?

Mars War Logs will be released on PC in May 2013, and on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network in Q3 2013. Find out more about the game on its official website.

Mars War Logs Releases New Screenshots mars_war_logs-22 mars_war_logs-23 mars_war_logs-24

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