Jane Jensen’s Moebius Finally Gets A Trailer

Moebius Trailer Gives A Peek at Jane Jensen's New Game

Moebius Trailer Gives A Peek at Jane Jensen’s New Game

Moebius is sort of a big deal. Why? Not because it was funded by a $435K Kickstarter campaign last year. No, Moebius is a big deal because it’s the first adventure game to be completely overseen by Jane Jensen since Gabriel Knight 3 in 1999.

In Moebius, you play Malachi Rector, a man with a history buff with a photographic memory. Malachi has a successful career in evaluating antiques. But a secret government agency called FIST hires him to look into the life of a dead woman, Malachi learns that there’s much more to space and time than he ever suspected. In his quest, Malachi will visit Venice, Cairo, Paris, Zurich and Washington, D.C. All the while, he has to escape attempts on his life and explore underground fortresses.

Moebius is the first full adventure game Jane Jensen has designed since “Gray Matter”, and the first one she has designed/directed since “Gabriel Knight 3”. Moebius is also being published by Jane’s studio, Pinkerton Road.

For those who have never played a Gabriel Knight game, you need to know that Jensen is one of the best storytellers in the entire gaming industry. She effectively weaves together plots and characters that you cannot simply put down and will have you playing until the wee hours of the morning. And from the looks of this first Moebius trailer, this game is going to be the same.

Official Moebius Website

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