Web Series Watch: Puppets

Web Series Watch: Puppets

This Week’s Web Series Watch Is All About Puppets, Glorious Puppets

Welcome to Web Series Watch! I am very happy to announce a new partnership with an awesome series all about one of the things I love: web series. Web Series Watch is a Youtube-based web series that started last year and serves up details about… well, web series. Its hosts, Cindy Marie Jenkins and Patty J. Robinson, will tell you all about great web series they’ve found on the web, as well as offer up Creator Watch, which will focus on those people behind the scenes that make all of these great series.

I think both Web Series Watch and Creator Watch are a great addition to this site and I hope you enjoy the clips as much as I do.

And now without further ado <insert drum roll>, I give you Web Series Watch Episode 12: Puppets. Why? Because puppets are cool.

Adam Emperor Southard

Music “Pump Sting” by Kevin MacLeod
licensed under Creative Commons:
By Attribution 3.0. www.incompetech.com

Dan Jenkins – Post-Production Hero
Coleman Hall Richardson, Production Hero
Bonnie Burton


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