Treason by S.M. Boyce Review

Treason by S.M. Boyce: Book Tour and ReviewTreason, by S.M. Boyce, is an example of where a second book in a series is even better than the first

Earlier this year, I read the first of a wonderful fantasy series called The Grimoire Trilogy by S.M. Boyce. The trilogy, which begins with Lichgates, immediately swept me up and sucked me in. So, obviously, I was going to read the second book in the series (and am looking forward to the third).

The second book, Treason, is even better than the first, and that’s saying a lot. It’s a wonderful tale about a fascinating world, Ourea, and tells the tale of a girl, Kara, who is so much more than she seems.

But first a little background about the story:

Ourea has always been a deadly place. The lichgates tying the hidden world to Earth keep its creatures at bay – for now. Kara Magari ignited a war when she stumbled into Ourea and found the Grimoire: a powerful artifact filled with secrets. To protect the one person she has left, she strikes a deal that goes against everything she believes in. But things don’t go as planned. 

Braeden Drakonin can no longer run from who – and what – he is. He has to face the facts. He’s a prince. He’s a murderer. He’s a wanted man. And after a betrayal that leaves him heartbroken, he’s out for blood.

To survive, both Kara and Braeden must become the evil each has grown to hate.

I believe this qualifies as a YA title, but as I tend to ignore such labels, let’s just say that it doesn’t matter how old you are: if you enjoy fantasy, you are going to love this book. Ourea is such a wonderfully imagined world, with people and creatures beyond our imaginations. Boyce has done a wonderful job of painting this world, with all of its little details that the real world, even Scotland, is dull in comparison.

But what also makes this series so wonderful is Kara herself. She’s the heroine of our story, a girl who needs a lot of help, at first, but then finds her way (and her true calling) in the second book, becoming a person with great strength and a desire to bring Ourea together as one. She is a flawed character, often self-doubting, though, and this makes her seem even more real.

As this is YA, though, expect romance. What I like, though, is that it’s secondary to the book’s plot. And I have to admit, I’m really rooting for Kara and Braeden. So sue me!

Treason is yet another example of how a self-published author is putting out something much better than what the “big six” publishers are giving us. If this is a sign of things to come, please give me more. Also, please give me the final book in the trilogy. I have to know what happens next!

Author Bio: S.M. Boyce is a fantasy and paranormal fiction novelist who also dabbles in contemporary fiction and comedy. Her B.A. in Creative Writing also qualifies her to serve you french fries. She updates her blog a few times each week so that you have something to wake you up in the morning.

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