Evil Dead 4: Yes, It Really Is Happening

Evil Dead 4: Yes, It Really Is Happening

Sam Raimi Plans to Spend Summer Working on Evil Dead 4

The last time I mentioned a sequel to the Evil Dead films and Evil Dead 4, I was shot down and shut out. Many of my detractors stated that I was confusing the remake with the sequel to the existing franchise starring Bruce Campbell, but my sources don’t lie.

So this time, if you don’t believe me, take it up with Sam Raimi. Because he has officially announced that he is working on the script for Evil Dead 4 this summer. So ha!

Raimi went on record as saying the following at a press event promoting Oz, The Great and Powerful: “I would love to make Evil Dead 4. My brother and I plan to work on the script this summer.”

So if you plan on skipping the remake because it’s sans Ash and Bruce Campbell, fear not – Ash’s day is coming… back. And I, personally, cannot wait. So gather up your boomsticks and celebrate.

Source: Bleeding Cool


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