Doctor Who: How Strax Was Resurrected

Doctor Who: How Strax Was Resurrected

Prequel to Doctor Who Christmas episode shows how Strax was resurrected

The US iTunes store released this lovely video today from Doctor Who, showing us a never-before-seen minisode that demonstrates exactly how Strax (the wonderful an Starkey), everyone’s favorite Sontaran, came back from the dead.

All I can say is I really hope we see more of Strax during this season of Doctor Who, along with Madame Vastra and Jenny. In fact, as I told Madame Vastra herself (Neve McIntosh) at Gallifrey One, I would love to see the three get their own series. As they very well should. BBC, are you paying attention?

This new Doctor Who clip is also newsworthy today as it shows support of the series for marriage equality.


Source: Bleeding Cool

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