Doctor Who: Prequel to “The Bells of St. John’s”

Doctor Who: Prequel to "The Bells of St. John's"

Doctor Who: The Doctor searches for Clara in this prequel to new episode “The Bells of St. John.”

In the world of Doctor Who, fans are going nuts waiting for new episodes, but our wait is almost over. On March 30th, “The Bells of St. John’s” – a brand new episode of Doctor Who – will be here! To whet our appetites, the BBC has released this lovely little prequel. Here, the Doctor is all sad because he’s looking for Clara again.

For the record, who or what is Clara? If anyone has any theories, I’d love to see them in the comments.

Oh, and Jenna-Louise Coleman seems like a real doll. I already like her. I think she’ll be a fantastic companion.

Don’t miss an an all-new episode of Doctor Who on March 30th on BBC and BBC America!

Doctor Who on BBC | Doctor Who on BBC America

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