Defiance: Exclusive Syfy Interview with Trenna Keating

Meet Defiance’s Doc Yewll

So who is excited about the premiere of Defiance next month? This series is going to bring the sci fi back to Syfy, I believe. So here’s hoping that it’s given a chance to succeed (and please, more than one season and none of that mid-season hiatus crap so often forced on such series).

So how about a little more information on some of the show’s characters? In this exclusive Syfy interview, we get to meet Defiance‘s doctor through the eyes of the actress that plays her, Trenna Keating. Keating talks about speaking a made-up language, along with playing an alien whose chief focus is on technology and science.

Defiance premieres on Syfy on April 15th. Be there!

Official Defiance Website

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