Creators Watch: Puppets!

Learn about the art of puppetry in the latest episode of Creators Watch

If you follow this site, you’ll know that I announced a partnership last week with Web Series Watch. Every Wednesday, I’ll be posting new content from Cindy and Patty right here on this site. This week is Creators Watch and keeping in line with last week’s Web Series Watch, it’s all about the art of puppetry.

In this episode of Creators Watch, we meet Libby Letlow, a theatrical actress who began to work in film and television 16 years ago on FOX’s children’s show “Masked Rider.” Letlow soon moved behind the camera and into the position of Producer and writer on a few independent projects. While researching graduate schools for an MFA, her passion for theatre was reignited. She took on the physically demanding task of puppeteering the large Audrey II plant in a production of “Little Shop of Horrors” and has been hooked ever since.

Letlow contacted a puppeteer friend of hers and he put her in touch with Michael Earl and the past two years have been puppet history.

Libby is currently finishing her degree in Theatre Arts as well as working on a production of “Avenue Q” for the Empty Spacetheater in Bakersfield, CA as the puppetry coach and in the role of “Lucy”.

She is VERY excited to be teaching Theatrical Puppetry workshop with Mr. Earl and Puppet School!

Behind the scenes:
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