Continuum Interview: Season 1 Finale and Looking Forward to Season 2

Continuum Interview: Season Finale and Looking Forward to Season 2

Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster and Simon Barry talk about the Continuum season finale and what to expect in season two

Continuum has turned out to be a huge science fiction hit, not only in Canada, but also for Syfy here in the U.S. Part of that success has everything to do with the show’s front runner, Simon Barry, and its cast – including Rachel Nichols and Victor Webster.

Continuum So Far

As a second season has already been confirmed for Continuum and the first season wraps up Monday night, what does Barry, Nichols and Webster think about the series so far?

In a recent interview, Nichols began discussing her favorite scene from season one. Although she admitted that her answer changes each time she’s asked about it, her current favorite scene is at the end of the second episode. “Jon Cassar directed that episode and I’m in the precinct and I’ve been jailed and I watch Dr. Fraser reunite with his wife,” she stated. “But, you know, everything from meeting my grandmother played by Katie Findlay in episode five, or episode eight when I kind of go robo-Kiera – those three moments that I chose are very different but they’re all favorite moments just because they really stand out in my memory.”

What about Webster? What are his favorite Continuum scenes so far? “I love the moments between Rachel and I when I’m dying in the last episode,” he said.  There are also these great emotional moments in episode seven when we are out on the balcony of the police precinct and having this heart-to-heart conversation about trust and partnership. Those are some great scenes,” he continued. Webster also remarked that he loved the fighting scenes because he’s “a very physical guy.”

Barry jokingly stated that his favorite scene was in episode seven where Victor is being attacked naked in the shower. After the laughter died down (and I silently agreed), he attempted to answer the question without giving away any spoilers. “I guess I’d have to say it’s in episode ten which I don’t want to ruin because the audience hasn’t seen it yet so I’ll just say it’s in episode ten and you’ll have to tune in to see what I’m talking about,” he teased.

If you watched last week’s episode, you’ll know there was a teaser moment between Kiera and Kellogg. We weren’t really shown what would happen, but it certainly was made to seem to be something romantic. But how will that play out? “It’s an interesting thing – the relationship between Kiera and Kellog,” Nichols answered. “And there’s also the ambiguity there which you’ll find out a little bit more about in the next episode because it’s the ‘did they or didn’t they.’ There are many, many, many different options and thoughts and theories – what is this relationship going to be? Is he winning her over? Is she using him to get what she wants?” Nichols went on to state that the relationship between the two is a very complicated one with no finite definition.

Looking Ahead to Season Two of Continuum

Now onto season two of Continuum. What can these three tell us so far as to what to expect? Barry gave a little insight: “Well, I can certainly say that this season is really about how we get to play a lot of the relationships of the characters in a way that we didn’t get to in season one and there are a lot of dynamics. Everyone has a point of view about how they can best take care of themselves and also control their own destiny. Information comes to light, people make alliances, people split up and break connections and so a lot of the positioning of these characters comes down to how they’re going to control not only their lives in the present, but also in the future.”

During season one of Continuum, we’re given hints in Kiera’s flashbacks about her husband – what is up with him? Will we ever find out? According to Barry, we are going to learn more about that character. “We’re definitely going to resolve more details about Kiera’s husband, Greg, and his involvement with Sad Tech and Alec Sadler in season two. That’s something to look forward to.”

Sci fi actor Tahmoh Penikett made an appearance in an earlier episode of season one of the series as a troubled friend of Carlos. Will he be returning? Nichols, Webster and Barry certainly hope so. Obviously, it has everything to do with his schedule (and let’s face it – the guy is popping up on everything from Continuum to Arrow).  After stating that Penikett was one of his best friends, Webster said, “I definitely would like to explore that [story] a little bit more and I think we could really delve into some great character stuff with those two characters.”

Continuum Season Finale Sneak Peek

The season finale of Continuum kicks off Monday night, but I’ve got a sneak peek for you right now. In “Endtime,”  Kiera fights a ticking clock to stop a terrorist attack, while Alec and Julian’s place in history will become defined by the horrific event. Watch this sneak peek clip and be sure to tune in to Syfy Monday at 8/7c.

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