Continuum Sneak Peek: Kiera Learns More About Alec

Continuum Sneak Peek: Kiera Learns More About Alec

In an all-new Continuum, Kiera Learns More About Alec

Continuum is a rare show in that it somehow manages to straddle the line between science fiction and procedural crime drama. I tend to like the sci fi elements more than the cop stuff, but somehow the show balances it very well. But what’s most interesting are the characters – especially Alec, who we know will go on to do great things in Kiera’s future timeline.

But how did Alec become his future self? We start seeing an inkling of the environment he grew up in, as well as learn more about his family. In this sneak peek, Kiera visits Alec in his “lab” for the very first time and starts asking the important questions about his stepfather and stepbrother’s involvement with Liber8.

Later on this episode of Continuum, we’ll see Kiera and Carlos end up in an armed stand-off with the terrorist group.

This coming week, I’ll be chatting with Continuum creator Simon Barry, as well as cast members Rachol Nichols and Victor Webster. If you have a question you would like me to ask, leave it in the comments below.

Don’t miss Continuum on Syfy, Monday at 8/7c.

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