Bound By Flame Is A New Indie Dark Fantasy RPG

Bound By Flame Announced by Spiders Studio and Focus Home Interactive

Spiders Studio and Focus Home Interactive (who are bringing us the much-anticipated Mars War Logs) is proud to announce their next project: Bound By Flame. The new dark fantasy action adventure RPG has released its first screenshot, as seen below.

Bound By Flame Is A New Indie Dark Fantasy RPG
Meet The Swamp Beast.

In Bound By Flame, players will take on a character who is a victim of demonic influence. You will have to choose between powers offered by the demon or reject it entirely and develop the talents of a hero instead. There will be constant temptation to give up part of your soul to the demon in order to acquire more power to face battles against enemies. As a result, your body will be transformed as the demonic influence progresses.

Bound By Flame will be offered in chapters with individual quests that revolve around a single “epic” adventure. Different scenarios will play out based on choices made by the player. Characters will be customizable, allowing you to choose gender and alter facial characteristics. There is also a crafting experience, along with NPC companions that will join during quests and will be made available for friendship, romance or rivalry. Think Dragon Age.

Bound by Flame is set for release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 at the end of 2013.

Is it just me or are the indie titles coming out this year sounding better than a lot of the games the major development studios are putting out? I’m personally excited for what 2013 has to offer in  independent game development.

Focus Home Interactive
Spiders Studio

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