The PS4 Reveal: Much Ado About Nothing?

The PS4 Reveal: Much Ado About Nothing

Sony’s Big PS4 Reveal Yesterday Was More of a Confirmation Than A Reveal

I am not entirely sure what we all expected at yesterday’s Sony PS4 reveal announcement. However, an actual reveal of the PS4 really wasn’t given – we never once saw what the new console will look like. There was no actual console shown and no photos of it displayed. Basically, all Sony did yesterday was confirm the things we had already heard in rumors and show us a slew of game trailers.

In two hours, however, we still haven’t learned much about Sony’s next-generation console. Questions like whether it will allow used games still linger. Sony also did not touch upon things like price points or whether the machine will require a constant online connection in order to function (as some rumors have stated). However, some of these lingering questions were answered after the announcement itself.

So what exactly did we learn?

  1. The new DualShock4 controller (as seen above) seems unwieldy. I have small hands. This thing does not look comfortable to hold. It features a touch pad on front, a “share” button, built-in speakers, only a single “Options” button, a provided mono headset, built-in sensor for motion control and redesigned buttons.
  2. The PS4’s main processor will be a single-chip custom processor, an x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” with 8 cores. There will be a second chip dedicated solely to uploads and downloads.
  3. The console’s GPU is an AMD next-generation Radeon-based graphics engine.
  4. The console with have 8GB of GDDR5 memory.
  5. Along with a built-in hard drive of undetermined size, the PS4 will also have a 6x speed Blu-Ray drive, an 8x speed DVD drive and USB 3.0.
  6. You will be able to suspend gameplay and “switch off” the PS4 with a sort of sleep mode function, saving your place in your current game. This means you won’t need to boot the system everytime to load a game.
  7. You’ll be able to see what your friends are doing, playing, watching, etc. There will be a recommendation engine that will base its suggestions on what you’ve been doing on the system. (Let’s hope it’s more accurate than Netflix’s recommendations.)
  8. You will be able to run multiple apps at once.
  9. Remote Play will allow you to play PS4 games on your Vita using WiFI.
  10. There will be a PlayStation app (similar to Microsoft’s SmartGlass) that will allow you to use your smartphone or tablet as a second screen.
  11. Digital titles from the PlayStation Network can be played as they are downloaded.
  12. People will be “encouraged” to play online with their real names (most gamers are not going to like this).
  13. Some games will allow sections to be played free before buying.
  14. You will be able to broadcast a live stream of what you’re currently playing.
  15. If you’re stuck in a game, you can invite friends into your play session to play your game for you.
  16. Updates for the console can be downloaded while the console is turned off.
  17. The replacement for PlayStation Move, the PlayStation Eye, will be integrated into the new console. It will operate much like Kinect.

As far as the important questions go, though, what about used games? According to CVG, the PS4 will not block used games. Considering Sony has recently patented technology to do that, this is good news. CVG also confirmed that the system will not require an always online connection, as previously rumored.

One seriously disappointing bit of news is that PSN Games from the PS3, along with those game saves, will not transfer to the PS4. So for games like Dragon Age 3 (which is being developed for next-gen consoles), everything that you accomplished and the choices you made in the first two games will be null and void on the new Sony system. Boo! Here’s hoping that the new Xbox won’t be so limiting.

The final queston – that of price, has still not been tackled and probably won’t be for some time. But I’m guessing anywhere from $400 for a base model to $600 for an elite model can be expected. We also still haven’t seen what the console actually looks like, which I find odd for something called a “reveal.”

PS4 Games Reveal

Most of what the big announcement contained yesterday was more about the games we can expect on the PS4. Titles that were introduced were Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFAMOUS: Second Son, a new racing game from Evolution Studios, Knack, Watch_Dogs, The Witness and Diablo III. A total of 149 development studios and publishers are reportedly supporting the PS4 system.

So there you have it, all the details we have so far on the PS4. It is expected to be released this year, but I’m going to go ahead and guess that this date might be pushed back. Call it a hunch, but as we still haven’t seen the system, I’m thinking it’s not actually even close to ready yet.

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