Comic Review: My So-Called Secret Identity

Comic Review: My So-Called Secret Identity

My So-Called Secret Identity is a Smart New Take on Women as Superheroes

Let’s face it. There aren’t a lot of comic books out there specifically targeted towards women. Sure, there are  a lot of superheroes that are women, but most of those are drawn to look the way men comic book readers would have them appear. Honestly, it’s rather depressing to walk into a comic book store and be surrounded by all that.

However, new web comic, My So-Called Secret Identity is a breath of fresh air. Cat, our superheroine, might not have the usual super powers, but she has something even better: she’s very very smart. She can remember details and make connections unlike anyone else. And best of all? Cat doesn’t have to strip down to a spandex bikini to fight evil.

The art of My So-Called Secret Identity is very Scott Pilgrim-like. Each panel tells the story and sets the scene. The art creates a world around Cat (who is featured in nearly every panel as our superheroine) that is alive and constantly moving.

Story-wise, Cat introduces us to herself and Gloria City. The city is suffering at the hands of bombings on a rather regular basis. Cat, the daughter of a police officer, is struggling with being a woman in what is still, essentially, a man’s world. Her smarts are often doubted and we see that in her history, she has even been accused of cheating in school. It’s her attitude, though, her “this is who I am” that makes her so special. I am very curious as to how she will handle facing a real villain, which isn’t shown to us until the comic’s very last panel.

You can read My So-Called Secret Identity for free on its official website. You can also donate to Issue #2 – part of those funds will be given to charity.

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