Merlin Sneak Peek and More!

Arthur Learns “A Lesson In Vengenance” In an All-New Merlin

Hey Merlin fans! I’ve got some really cool things coming for those of you who are fans of the show. Of course, I can’t write about them just yet, but I think you’ll appreciate what we’re working on.

In the meantime, how about a sneak peek of tomorrow night’s episode? As we know from last week’s episode, Guinevere has gone completely dark side and is now working for Morgana (I’m still going “WTF?”). Well, this week Morgana is putting Guinevere to task and is going to attempt to have her assassinate her beloved husband and king. Obviously, we know Merlin will save the day, but it looks like this episode is still going to be hair-raising.

Watch the sneak peek clip below and don’t miss an all-new Merlin on Syfy at 10/9c.

And stay tuned for a Merlin-sized announcement here soon.

Official Merlin on Syfy Website

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