Lucifer: Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway

Lucifer: Exclusive Excerpt and GiveawayA few weeks ago, I posted about Annabell Cadiz’ new book Lucifer. Well, now I have even more information, including an exclusive excerpt from the book, as well as an awesome giveaway that will include a special make-up kit, a DVD and some adorable jewelry.

But first, how about an excerpt from Lucifer?

Excerpt from Lucifer by Annabell Cadiz

Zahara stared at her best friend in disbelief as she giggled. She rolled her eyes and grabbed the collar of Rekesh’s shirt.

“Can I speak to you a moment?” she asked, but didn’t bother waiting for a reply. She yanked Rekesh back toward the door and outside, fully aware if he hadn’t been cooperating she wouldn’t be able to move him even an inch. She dragged him over to the picnic table, which sat under a tree, and released the hold she had on his shirt. “What are you doing here?” she asked again, placing her hands on her hips.
“As I already explained, I was invited; or did you suddenly develop amnesia and forget the invitation having been extended by Becca herself?” Rekesh replied, fixing her with a steady glare. He straightened out his shirt and walked over to the table, sitting on top of it.

Zahara arched an eyebrow. “You can’t tell me you only came here because you wanted to see Becca.”
“Of course not, I am after all the irresistible-dangerous Imago, so that must mean I have a sordid plan.” Rekesh leaned forward, looked back and forth, then added in a whisper, “I plan on taking Becca back to the Darkling Hotel and have her become my votarist.”

Zahara took a swing at his face. Rekesh simply sat back, unfazed.

“You even try to kidnap my best friend and have her become—”

“Yes, I know, unbearable pain and torture,” Rekesh said with a yawn. “I do not plan on harming your friend. I have no ulterior motive. I like Becca; she’s bold and cute.”

“You. Are. Not. Allowed. To. Date. Her,” Zahara said through gritted teeth. Her eyes were siltted and her hands had formed into fists.

“You should calm down, you’ll end up attaining gray hair before you hit your nineteenth birthday,” Rekesh teased. Zahara growled at him and Rekesh sighed. “If I promise to keep things between Becca and myself platonic, will you call off the death glare?”

“She’s off limits, Rekesh, I mean it,” Zahara said and folded her arms.

“As you wish, Lady Faraday,” Rekesh said with a bow of his head.

“Can you cut the bull or am I gonna have to shank you?” Zahara threatened, retrieving the dagger from her back pocket.

“Drop the dagger,” a quiet voice spoke from directly behind Zahara.

Zahara yelped and jumped back, a shiver crawling down her spine. A pair of forest-green-colored eyes met hers, predatory and hard. She was surprised he had a blue Mohawk, and both his ears were pierced with crosses hanging from them. An orange tank declaring in bold letters ‘Fiction is Truth,’ hugged his defined chest, while a pair of black and gray checkered jeans covered his legs. He wore a pair of black and orange Converse and a black watch in the shape of a fang on his wrist.

“Zahara, meet my right hand, Leanian,” Rekesh introduced.

“Nice to meet His Creepiness,” Zahara said with a sneer. “In case your douchebag of a boss has never told you, sneaking up on a girl with a blade is never a nice way of saying hello.”

Leanian remained unmoving, staring intently at Zahara.

“Oookay then,” Zahara said, turning back around to face Rekesh. “Silent type, fits the whole Imago persona well.”

“Leanian is the more hands-on type, which proves to be far more beneficial.” Rekesh eyed the dagger in Zahara’s hand. “If you’re still planning on shanking me, I suggest you change your mind. Leanian would most likely break every bone in your arm before you took a step in my direction,” he said, not as a promise, but as a fact.

Zahara returned the dagger back to its sheath and into her back pocket. “Mind?” she asked, indicating the bench. Rekesh bowed his head and Zahara sat down. “I need to ask you about something.” Zahara glanced back to Leanian, who was still standing in the same spot, but his eyes had calmed a fraction of an inch and he had his hands inside the pockets of his jeans. He had his eyes roaming the property, but Zahara had a feeling his ears were more than attentive to her conversation with Rekesh.

“Speak as freely as you wish. Leanian is bound to me, he is trusted with my life,” Rekesh explained.
“Right,” Zahara said with one last look at Leanian. “Okay, well, I wanted to ask if you heard about the attack of a coven member just last night.”

“Joshua Stanton?”

Zahara nodded. “He was murdered by an Imago. Do you know anything about it?”

“How do you know an Imago killed him?”

“Fought him, sent him back to the Angel Kingdom.” Zahara ran her hand over her neck, remembering the grip of the Imago’s fingers.

“Then the Angel Kingdom will handle finding out where he came from,” Rekesh said with a shrug.

“That will take time and by then another member of the coven could die!” Zahara leaned forward and ran a hand through her hair. “You’re the leader of the biggest Imago rogue coven in Florida. You can’t tell me you don’t at least have clues or theories on who would openly kill a member of my mom’s coven.”

Rekesh was quiet for a few moments and Zahara wondered if taking the dagger back out would be a good way to make him talk. She thought of the idea of a broken arm and decided against it.

“I do not know who was sent to attack Joshua or why, but there has been a rumor traveling the supernatural circles as of late of a new coven forming somewhere in Miami. As to whether or not the new coven is all Imagoes or some other kind of supernatural creature, no one knows yet.”

Zahara looked down at the grass, watching it sway lightly in the warm breeze. She knew all rogue supernaturals, no matter what type, understood that attacking a human, and especially killing a human, was forbidden. The Watchers would step in and no supernatural—rogue or otherwise—wanted to deal with one of the Watchers. Facing down an angry Imago is not the same thing as facing a pure, full-blooded angel. If there was a new coven attacking humans without a care for facing The Watchers, then things were going to get even uglier real soon.

“There was a symbol left on Joshua.” Zahara winced as she remembered Joshua’s arm. She looked up toward Rekesh. “It looked like a snake with wings; would you have an idea why the Imago would take time to carve that symbol into Joshua’s arm?” She didn’t miss the way Rekesh’s body had tightened at the mention of the symbol, or the way Leanian had glanced back at her.

“Are you sure you saw the symbol correctly? You could have mistaken the blood in your shock.” Rekesh slumped forward, seeming to have relaxed, but Zahara could see the tightness in his eyes.

“I know what I saw, and I know you know what it means,” Zahara accused.

Rekesh stood up and brushed his pants off. “Zahara, go home and enjoy your life. There is a reason why your parents and Catalina do not want you out hunting. Whoever killed Joshua was sending a message. This isn’t over.” Rekesh started to walk away, Leanian following behind.

“That’s it?!” Zahara yelled, stomping after him. “You give me some ominous message that doesn’t really help me at all and then walk off to go enjoy your night?! Are you friggin’ kidding me?!” She went to grab his arm, but Leanian grabbed her hand instead.

Zahara cried out and fell to her knees.

“Leanian,” Rekesh said in a stern voice.

Leanian dropped Zahara’s hand and stepped back. Rekesh kneeled down in front of her and tried to take her hand. Zahara slapped him away. She spit on his shoes then rose and stomped off back toward The Cave, massaging her hand and mentally slapping herself for ever thinking trusting an Imago would be a good idea.

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Lucifer: Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway

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