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You all do love me, right? Do you love me enough to help me earn a trip to SXSW, a festival I have always wanted to attend (but never had the money to). If so, check out this awesome Defiance Graphic below. If you roll over several areas, you’ll see a lot of cool information about the show. Neat, huh?

So how can you help me earn my way to SXSW? It’s simple. See that Twitter button above? Hit that and send a tweet (without changing any of the auto-generated text). Every tweet you send gets me closer to SXSW. So please, please, please, help a fangirl out!

And if I win, I’ll do my best to bring back goodies from the festival to give away here on the site. I also promise a lot of awesome unique content if I attend. After all, I would have you to thank, right?

In the meantime, be looking out for a lot more cool Defiance content. I think this show is going to be amazing (even if I don’t win the trip). Defiance premieres on Syfy on April 15th.


Official Syfy Defiance Website

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