Jamie Dornan Returning to Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time: Jamie Dornan Will Be Returning

Once Upon A Time: Jamie Dornan Will Be Returning

Remember way back in season 1 of Once Upon A Time when the series did the unthinkable and killed off the most handsome man on the show (yes, I’m calling it)? Remember how shocked we were? I mean, surely The Huntsman couldn’t be dead! But he was and honestly, I still quite haven’t forgiven the writers for that.

Well that character, portrayed by Jamie Dornan, will be making a come-back, at least according to an article on TVLine.com. The beautiful thing about Once Upon A Time is that we do get to see a lot of fairytale world flashbacks, so that makes it easy for dead characters to return. I am, however, still upset that he and Emma did not have the chance to hook up, though. But who knows? Maybe magic will bring him back. I’m okay with that – I am.

Speaking of which, how are you enjoying this current season of Once Upon A Time so far? I’ll admit I got a little bored when Snow and Emma were trapped in the fairytale world. I always found Storybrooke far more interesting, especially now that it has magic. It has picked up, though, with Belle’s amnesia and Mr. Gold’s search for his son, so I’m going to keep on watching.

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