(Not) Inspector Spacetime in the Doctor Who Spotlight (Part 2)

(Not) Inspector Spacetime in the Doctor Who Spotlight (Part 2)
The cast of (Not) Inspector Spacetime enjoyed talking to fans about the web series at Gallifrey One.
Photo by Alex Halcyon

Even though the panel was standing-room only, latecomers still crowded into the (Not) Inspector Spacetime panel at Gallifrey One. In Part Two, we’ll cover some details about The Inspector, along with the Community connection and those rumors about Karen Gillan.

The Inspector is Not Doctor Who, But He’s Close

Richey and Loya began to explain what makes The Inspector tick. Being a parody of Doctor Who, there obviously needed to be some similarities, but those things needed to be twisted to give (Not) Inspector Spacetime its unique brand of humor. Some of those ideas came directly from the fans. The Circuit Chaps, for example, are a nod to Doctor Who‘s Cybermen. “The ‘always being room for one more’ – we always liked that idea,” Loya continued, attributing that one to the fandom, as well.

“Also, The Inspector has no heart,” Richey quipped. “Which – on the face of it – it’s a very, very simple Doctor Who thing. But fans took that and went deeper with it.” He attributed that to The Doctor’s two hearts and how that often prevents him from getting killed easily. “If The Inspector has no hearts – if he has some sort of insect-like sort circulatory system that we have yet to explain. Also, he needs his associates -they are his humanity, like literally. And I love that. The Inspector’s kind of like space police, a universe cop, so he is kind of cold and calculating. But he needs Piper and he needs The Constable and he needs his humans.”

Richey summed up, “Fans did that.”

So what else did we learn? The original web series teaser trailer used two pieces of music. The first piece was from the cult science fiction comedy film Galaxy Quest. “Which was chosen because fans determined that Galaxy Quest and The Inspector are in the same universe,” Richey explained. “Yeah, we’re waiting for the crossover comic,” he joked.

The second piece of music was from the trailer for the Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey, Jr. “We chose that because it was a movie about an American playing a Brit,” Richey said. “Eric and I love putting in little gifts like that.”

The Community Connection

In the Community version of Inspector Spacetime, The Inspector has a companion known as The Constable. Unfortunately, though, The Constable does not appear in the web series. Richey explained, “I don’t know how much I want to say, but basically, his [the actor’s] agent didn’t want him to get involved with something that had… questionable legal grounds, I guess?” Of course, this has something to do with NBC’s order that the actual Inspector Spacetime title be removed from the web series, but in the end, Richey had done his research and was perfectly certain the series would be okay after the changes were made, legally speaking.

However, working with Community, which Richey calls one of his favorite shows, is not completely out of the question. “We have an idea,” he said, “of how we can put Abed into season two.” Much applause ensued upon that announcement. Unfortunately, though, Richey had to acknowledge that the future of Community is up in the air. Casting would all basically be dependent upon whether the actor that plays Abed, Danny Pudi, would be available or not. But someone, please, make that happen.

(Not) Inspector Spacetime in the Doctor Who Spotlight (Part 2)

The Future of (Not) Inspector Spacetime

In addition to season 2, as well as the prequel to season 2 (which you can help fund via Kickstarter), the cast and crew have much more planned for the web series, even beyond creating the series itself. “The idea was to write a comic book sometime and Eric just sent me the first issue of an amazing comic book that we’re going to try to produce,” Richey said.

The comic will feature the back story of Boyish, The Extraordinary. Richey stated, “We do things in the comic that we couldn’t possibly do on the screen.”

But there’s more. Richey stated that he would also like to work with fan-written content. “So my idea is to do like a radio show,” he said.  “It would be relatively inexpensive. We would have a contest. The winning fan would get a few hundred dollars for their script.”

(Not) Inspector Spacetime in the Doctor Who Spotlight (Part 2)

Karen Gillan As A Guest Star?

Doctor Who’s own Amy Pond, Karen Gillan, put out a BBC video last year stating that she wanted to be a part of Inspector Spacetime. Obviously Richey and team jumped on that opportunity and announced that they have written a role for her in season 2 of their web series.

“We just have yet been able to get a hold of her,” Richey said. “She’s local now. She just moved here [L.A.] a couple of months ago, so we’re trying to get a hold of her and get a script into her hands. Because here’s the thing: agents – like talent agents – don’t like web content. They want to make Karen into a movie star – which is great, she should be – she’s amazing. But in the meantime, do a web series!”

The crowd attending the panel agreed wholeheartedly. So Karen, if you’re reading this, tell your agent you want to do the web series!

In Part 3 of my (Not) Inspector Spacetime coverage, we’ll look at some of the people who work behind the scenes on the series. So stay tuned. And remember – it’s not about where, it’s about when.

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