Gallifrey One: Doctor Who and 3,000 of my Closest Friends

Gallifrey One: Doctor Who and 3,000 of my Closest Friends

As many of you already know, I will be making my annual pilgrimage to Los Angeles in a few days to attend the Gallifrey One convention. For those not in the know, this means that me and 3,000+ Doctor Who fans ascend on the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel and geek out over all things Doctor Who.

This year’s convention is even more special, though. We’ll be celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who. It’s also special for me because it might be my last Gallifrey One for awhile as I’m attempting to save up for a 2014 trip to London. So I plan to enjoy this one for all its worth. The guests this year are beyond amazing: Sylvester McCoy (a Doctor and a wizard from The Hobbit), Freema Aygeman (who I am currently loving on The Carrie Diaries), Ben Browder (yes, I am also a Farscape fan), Finn Jones (from Game of Thrones), John Noble (Fringe) and many more. I literally had to put the guests in a priority order as to which panels of theirs I had to see and what autographs and photos to collect. It’s insane!

I’m also looking forward to networking with other writers, in Doctor Who and beyond. And I will be promoting Zeus, Inc. at the same time. In fact, if you’re attending the convention, be sure to track me down as I not only have awesome ribbons (see photo below), but also coupon codes for Zeus, Inc. on Smashwords.

Gallifrey One: Doctor Who and 3,000 of my Closest Friends

I hope to meet some of you at the convention and I hope you stay tuned to the site here as I will be attempting to post a few tidbits from panels, celebrity meetings and more.

2 thoughts on “Gallifrey One: Doctor Who and 3,000 of my Closest Friends

  • February 12, 2013 at 11:34 am

    Hope to see you there…though unless you are wearing something insanely unique or I see you passing out your pretty pink ribbons, we will probably be lost in the crowd. Speaking of ribbons, I can’t quite make out what yours says. The title Zeus has my curiosity piqued, tho. I am a fan of Greek mythology…is that what it’s about?

    Look for our ribbons too, we’ll have plum colored ones for the Who Crack Video Track promotion. They say, “Five and Dime Gal of the Year Martha Jones”.

    See you there! ♥

    • February 12, 2013 at 11:54 am

      There’s definitely Greek mythology in Zeus, Inc. I’m obsessed with it myself!

      So far, my con cosplay schedule is as follows: Dr. Grace Holloway on Friday, Rose Tyler (with the Union Jack tee) on Saturday and Femme Nine on Sunday. But I’ll be posting on Twitter occasionally, too, with my whereabouts!

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