Dreamfall Chapters Is Now On Kickstarter

Dreamfall Chapters Is Now On Kickstarter

Dreamfall Chapters, Sequel to Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, Now On Kickstarter

When Dreamfall Chapters was initially announced, we knew that the project had been released by Funcom to Ragnar Tornquist to become an independent Kickstarter-funded title. Well, as of today, that has happened – Dreamfall Chapters is officially a Kickstarter Project.

Dreamfall Chapters is an adventure game that will pick up where the previous title, Dreamfall, left off. It will conclude the store of ZoĆ« Castillo, the Dreamer. The new title will revisit familiar locations and characters from previous games, but will also feature some new sights, faces, game mechanics and challenges. Dreamfall Chapters is promising to take the player on an “emotional, exciting and challenging journey.”

The Kickstarter Project for Dreamfall Chapters is looking for $850,000. As of this writing, it has already reached nearly $160,000 of its goal within just five hours (yes, I kicked in $20 myself). Project backers can get goodies such as a copy of the game when it’s completed, along with exclusive wallpapers and artwork, early access to the game and even a digital grimoire. Needless to say, there’s really no doubt that the project will meet its goal.

You can donate to the Dreamfall Chapters project here. Don’t delay! There are a few early bird backer tiers that offer some nice perks.

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