This Week on Continuum: Teenagers are Worse Than Terrorists

Continuum Sneak Peek: Kiera Has to Deal With Teenagers and Terrorists

Things on Continuum have really been picking up, especially with Kagame’s arrival in 2012. I’m still trying to figure out what took him so long (although they sort of mentioned a minor issue that could have caused his late arrival in t he last episode). And although I like Kiera, I have to admit that I find myself agreeing more with the Liber8 group than the corporations which she works for. I wonder if, at some point, Kiera will start to question her loyalties?

On this week’s Continuum, though, Kiera has much more on her hands than terrorists. She has to deal with something far worse: teenage girls. As the terrorists begin to hunt down girls with the name “Lily Cole,” Kiera is doing her best to get to those girls first. And in this clip, we see that Kiera is definitely going to have her hands full.

By the way, that is Katie Findlay from The Carrie Diaries as one of the girls named Lily Cole.

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