Being Human (UK) Series Gets The Axe

Being Human (UK) New Season Trailer Is Here

Being Human (UK): Season Five Will Be Its Last

I suppose it should come as no surprise that the BBC has announced that this new season of the UK version of Being Human will be its last. However, it still doesn’t mean we can’t be sad about it. The show successfully re-wrote itself last season after being forced to replace its entire cast (blame the actors who just had to go do “bigger and better” things, right?).

Personally, I thought the show’s writers did a brilliant job of getting rid of the old cast and adding the new, but I suppose there’s just no replacing Lenora Chrichlow, Aidan Turner and Russell Tovey.

Fortunately, the series has been given enough notice that it should wrap up in a way that is satisfying. According to show creator Toby Whithouse, “But much like the cast change from seasons 3 to 4, we viewed the news as an opportunity. It meant I could actually write a climax for the show, instead of it just popping out to the shops at the end of season 5 and never coming back. You’ve no idea how rare that is in television, and what a great opportunity it is to write something suitably definitive and satisfactory.”

I look forward to seeing how the stories pan out for the new cast members. I wish they had been given more opportunity to show us what they’re capable of (I was envisioning big things for the show), though.

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