Being Human is Tough: Interview with Meaghan Rath

Being Human is Tough: Interview with Meaghan Rath

Meaghan Rath Talks About Romance and Being a Re-Animated Corpse on Being Human

This season of Being Human is just so dark, don’t you think? Even with Josh being cured and Sally being re-animated and Aidan surviving the vampire flu, the consequences of the actions that everyone has taken to get to this point seem to outweigh any benefits.

In an interview with Meaghan Rath, we discussed some of the darkness this season of Being Human brings. But we began by discussing the positives of Sally’s new re-animated corpse status. Rath said, “There was nothing that I missed about being a ghost. It was, like, you know, I was as happy as Sally was to be alive and interacting with people physically and I was really missing out on a lot of things that everyone else got to do, so it really helped me to get back into her because I was feeling just as excited as she was.” Obviously, Rath is also excited about Sally’s new wardrobe.

But being a re-animated corpse will bring a steep learning curve for Sally. “There aren’t many reanimated corpses walking around Boston for Sally to seek them out and find advice on what she is,” Rath said.  “I think Sally definitely does start to understand what exactly the deal is that Josh and Nora have made with the witch.” And judging from how last week’s episode ended, that deal is certainly not a pretty one.

There are also some surprises that involve make-up and maybe even prosthetics for Sally this season. Without trying to give any spoilers away, Rath talked about that. ” I never worked with props and makeup to this extent before and so it was really, really exciting and annoying because it’s very, very time consuming. But I really have an incredible respect for our special effects makeup team – Edwin Vita and Arie Gosling – who are extremely talented and I’ve just been so inspired by them. I’ve become very close with them, so it was a great experience.” So does this mean Sally will become an all-out zombie at some point? Who knows?

But on the bright side, there are hints that Sally and Aidan are starting to get close. Anyone familiar with the UK version of Being Human will know that the ghost and vampire do eventually hook up, so is that a possibility for the US version? Rath stated, “Yes. I think that throughout the season you’ll start seeing some things with Aidan and Sally. We never had that option before because Sally was non-corporeal and it just wasn’t going to happen and they looked at her like a little sister. And all the sudden, here she is human, or as close to human as it’s going to get. And all of the sudden it’s sort of an option.”

But what sort of scenes can we expect between the two characters? “Maybe you drank a bit too much that night and all the sudden there’s this weird moment between roommates and I think you’re going to see a couple moments like that with Sally and Aidan this season,” Rath answered.

There’s a very emotional scene between Sally and Aidan coming up in tonight’s episode of Being Human. Watch the clip below for a sneak peek (and have tissues handy).

Don’t miss Being Human on Syfy tonight (Monday) at 9/8c.

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