Will 2013 Begin the Age of PC Gaming?

Will 2013 Begin the Age of PC Gaming?

Viva La Revolution: The Age of PC Gaming is Upon Us

With all the talk of next generation consoles and what future games are going to look and play like, I have come to one single conclusion: 2013 may very well be the year of PC gaming. But why would I think that? Why do I think that PC gaming might become more prevalent over gaming on consoles and mobile?

Well, for starters, those new consoles we’re expecting this year? Those are probably going to run around $400 each. And let’s face it, this economy is bad and many gamers are not going to have that sort of money to spend on new consoles. But the one thing most of us already possess are decent PC’s. And it’s a no-brainer that next-gen games will often be released on both console and PC, so why pay for a rather expensive piece of equipment when you may already have what you need to play it on your computer? And the wonderful thing about the PC is that if you don’t have the right specs to run a game, you can always buy and install those parts yourself – those components will cost much less than a new console.

There’s another factor to consider, as well. PC gaming is improving with leaps and bounds. It’s no secret that most games run better on PC’s and have the capability to give a better graphical experience, as well. Sure, these new consoles are going to be better than our current PS3’s and Xbox 360’s, but will they be able to keep up with PC technology? I think not.

PC’s are also getting more portable. With the announcement of Project SHIELD, NVIDIA is onto something big – they have created a portable handheld gaming machine. Sure, it’s not perfect, but with that sort of technology being developed, it’s only a matter of time before you will be able to play Dragon Age 3 from wherever you happen to be: at the coffee shop, at the airport or waiting on the doctor. You’ll no longer be attached to your PC (or console) for gaming and can take it wherever you want. That changes everything. The specialists at PC Revive are here to help for any upgrades.

There is also the much-talked-about Steam box/PC that is Valve’s worst kept secret. Sure, we don’t know all of the details, but the premise is that it will allow you to play PC games directly onto your TV. There are also rumors that it will be less expensive than a next-generation console, so it’s almost a no-brainer to consider that such a device would keep people playing PC games over console games.

But wait, there’s more! Look at the rise of indie games – most of which are released solely on the PC. Gaming has become less expensive because of independent studios practically giving their titles away (with some being free to play) and the trend only seems to be continuing. There’s also the rise of digital distribution – which makes acquiring games almost too easy – as well as the increase in popularity of game modding. These are all things the PC is notorious for and are being embraced in the current state of the industry.

Finally, let’s face it. Even your low-end PC is probably better at gaming than any next-gen console can ever hope to be.

So I’m calling it now: 2013 will begin the age of PC gaming. Start upgrading those systems now, folks, because it’s going to be a great year for the PC.

And this is all coming from the gal who once said that console gaming was better.

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