Web Series Wednesday: Wastelander Panda

Wastelander Panda Tells A Story of Survival in A Post-Apocalyptic World

Two things that I don’t necessarily link together in my mind are pandas and post-apocalyptic scenarios. However, someone had the brilliant idea to put those things together and the result is the most excellent web series Wastelander Panda.

Wastelander Panda is about Arcayus, the last remaining panda after the apocalypse. Along with Rose, a human girl raised by his brother Isaac, Arcayus travels across a wasteland of a world ruled by anarchy and searching for vengeance.

Is it as cool as it sounds? I give you a resounding “yes!” Check out the video below (the series’ prologue) and be amazed at the wonderful production values and acting. I especially love the narration that sets up the story of Wastelander Panda. This could easily have been ridiculous and yet, instead, it’s at the top of my “must-watch” list. In fact, it already looks much better than any of the movies I want to see this year.

I’m not the only one excited about Wastelander Panda, though. Not only has the series been mentioned in Game Informer magazine, but you can see a painting of Arcayus in Borderlands 2. This one has captured the imaginations of all.

At the moment, only the prologue of Wastelander Panda is available. However, three short episodes are expected sometime this year.

Official Wastelander Panda Website


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