Musicians: Earn a Shot at Getting Your Music Into The Secret World

Musicians: Earn a Shot at Getting Your Music Into The Secret World

The Secret World Gives Musicians a Chance to Get Their Music In-Game

Musicians! Here’s your chance to get your music into the popular MMO, The Secret World. The game’s developer, Funcom, is holding a contest for musical composition for songs to be featured in the game itself.

The competition, aptly titled “Get your music in the game,” is encouraging community members of The Secret World to submit their own original compositions that could serve as audio tracks for in-game locations. You can enter solo or as part of a group. All entries will be judged by Funcom’s audio director, Simon Poole. Poole is the composer responsible for the music of The Secret World.

According to The Secret World blog post about the competition, the rules are as follows:

The rules for entering:

  • The contest will run for three weeks, from Tuesday the 29th of January and until the 19th of February. This will be the period to submit your contributions.
  • Every music contribution sent must be of your own creation or be sent with the consent of its creators. The creators of the winning contributions will be asked to sign an agreement outlining the legal considerations.
  • After an evaluation period the chosen winners will be announced, and the locations where their music can be heard will be revealed.
  • The chosen music will be implemented at the earliest convenience of the development team.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your music today.


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