Uther Returns to Merlin Tonight (Sneak Peek)

Uther Pendragon Returns From The Grave on Tonight’s Merlin

So far, this last season of Merlin is turning out to be full of surprises. Take the return of Mordred, for example. We expected him to be Arthur’s Bane and yet, it turns out that (at least so far), Mordred is on Arthur’s side.

I’m also still reeling over last season’s death of Lancelot and how the romantic triangle ended up playing out (with Lancelot as a zombie and Guinevere possessed by magic). I hadn’t imagined that we would ever see Arthur as king, but there he is, after the death of his father Uther. But is Uther really gone?

In this clip from tonight’s episode, Uther returns from beyond and Merlin finally gets to tell him exactly ¬†how he feels (go, Merlin!). Uther is pretty irked when he sees that Merlin is a sorcerer. But when will Arthur find out? Because, you know, he HAS to. I can’t wait for that big reveal.

Don’t miss Merlin tonight (Friday) on Syfy at 10/9c.


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